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    Save Money on Your Gulfport Home Insurance

    Since it is necessary to have home insurance for your Gulfport home, why not look at ways to save money on your insurance? Most lenders will not refinance a home that is not insured for the full value of the property; having the required home coverage need not be costly if one considers taking the following steps:

    • Improve your credit score

    • Install a security system

    • Become a non-smoker

    • Bundle insurance

    • Modernize your home

    • Increase deductibles
    By increasing your credit score, you will have a better chance of obtaining the best rates as well as approval of your loan. The majority of insurance companies now utilize the credit score to determine discounts and rates for premiums.
    A security system as well as smoke detectors and burglar alarms protect your property and enable discounts from the insurance companies; upgrades that avoid damage or disaster are looked upon favorably by the insurance provider.
    Non-smokers reduce that risk of fire-related damages; if you are ready for this health and lifestyle change, you could also save money on your home insurance.
    By bundling your insurance needs with the addition of auto, health or jewelry insurance, you could save dollars on your home insurance. Moreover, you may receive at least a 10% discount on your premium for your home monthly premium.
    Modernizing your home with a new furnace or air conditioning system, especially if your home is an older one, is a smart choice. New electrical wiring, replaced pipes and energy efficiency are all considered by the insurance company, decreasing fire and accident risk.
    Increasing your insurance deductible could save as much as 12% on monthly premiums.
    Researching insurance and learning about discounts can help make your Gulfport home insurance more affordable.

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    I have worked with Amanda and her team on several transactions, both as a buyer and a seller. They are very proactive, accessible, and responsive. The team knows the market very well, and lays out a well thought out and deliberate strategy to close a deal in a timely manner.
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