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Property Management

Coastal Realty Group offers a full-service brokerage, including property management. Our property manager, Cecilia Patricks, is well-versed in all types of leases along the MS Gulf Coast. Contact our office to discuss more about how we can help you meet your real estate goals! Office: 228-280-8026.


After browsing through houses for a few weeks on Zillow, Trulia, Movado, etc. I was feeling so overwhelmed and then God sent an angel! Mary called me out of the blue and I didn’t know what to do but accept her assistance. I am so glad I did! She has made the hassle of house searching and buying such a memorable and enjoyable experience. Mary has been upfront with us about each house we’ve looked at, giving us the positives and negatives. Mary wasn’t just interested in selling us a house. S…
Steven and Sarah Stogner