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Pascagoula Real Estate

Located along the Mississippi Sound, Pascagoula real estate used to consist of villages that were home to many Native American tribes. The Pascagoula, the Sioux, the Crow, the Ho-Chunk and the Biloxi tribes were some of the tribes that lived near the Pascagoula River. The name Pascagoula is a Native American name meaning “bread eaters.” This Mississippi city of 23,452 according to 2007 figures, is east of Gautier and south of Moss Point. Located in Jackson County, it is a major industrial city on the coast. Prior to World War II, Pascagoula was a fishing village with a population of only about 5,000. The war was responsible for the increase in population as well as the purchase of Pascagoula real estate when the city became a major ship building area.

Pascagoula is the home of the largest employer within the state of Mississippi, Ingall’s Shipbuilding, which is owned by Northrop Grumman Ship Systems. One of the largest Chevron refineries is also situated in Pascagoula. Mississippi Phosphates and Signal International, an oil platform builder, is also part of the industry in the city.

Choosing Pascagoula homes for sale will allow homebuyers to become a part of an area that is rich in history. Affected by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, there are a number of new homes located here as well as existing homes that have been renovated. Condominiums, townhouses, homes with acreage and single-family homes are some of the many residences that are available.

Nicknamed the Flagship City, Pascagoula was not added to the Mississippi Territory until 1812. For a short period in 1810 it was a part of what was known at that time as the Republic of Florida. Pascagoula was incorporated as a village in 1892 and a city in 1901. The downtown area of Pascagoula was the town of Scranton, MS and was incorporated in 1870 and in 1912, the two towns combined to create one – Pascagoula.

Residents are served by the Pascagoula School District. East of Gautier and south of Moss Point, Mississippi, this is a city that has a number of legends. The west bank of the Pascagoula River is known locally as the Singing River. It was so named due to a legend inherited from the time when Native American tribes inhabited the area. It is said the Pascagoula people, while chanting, waded hand-in-hand to their death into the Pascagoula River to avoid being captured by their enemies, the Biloxi Indians. On still summer evenings, there are those who say they can hear the song of the Pascagoula near the river.


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