Yard Selling Tips That Will Help Sell Your Home

    We have all seen the drive by prospects…they creep by, trying to stalk out the neighborhood without looking weird. Curb appeal can make or break a sale. Some buyers just don’t have vision of what it could be, so it’s best to have it looking great! You really have to grab them from them outside before they want to see the inside! Here are some tips that can help you seal the deal!

    Clear the Clutter

    Make sure you keep the front entry way free of leaves and spider webs. Also, don’t forget to stash away the kids toys! You don’t want any added distractions; you want them to focus on your house, not your stuff!

    Add a Pop of Color

    Adding a colorful potted plant by your front door will make a world of difference in the warmth that your home will have. You can also paint the front door, add a new door mat and don’t forget about an American flag! You can also add fresh mulch and that really makes everything come together! Even in the dead of winter, you can add these colorful things to brighten your home and make those drive by prospects say, “look how nice, lets make an appointment!”

    Consider the kids

    While we don’t want to clutter the yard, we do want to give the “family friendly” feel, so if you have a swing set, clean it up. Put out some corn holes or a tire swing from a tree! Kids can be persuasive as parents want their kids to feel comfortable about a move since it can take a toll on their emotions.

    Outside entertainment area

    If you have a patio or deck then be sure to freshen up your patio furniture with new cushions. Add a firepit, some plants and an umbrella! Essentially, you want to make another outside living space. Whether your future buyers like to entertain or not, they will be able to see themselves having coffee in the swing or having a family BBQ one Saturday afternoon.

    Incorporating these easy tips will surely help your home stand out among the competition. You want it to be memorable and the outside area is an easy fix compared to an issue that might be an issue on the interior! Good luck and happy selling!

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