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Top 5 things buyers expect in homes for 2019

In today’s market, buyers have higher expectations for the homes they are buying. Below is a list of things that top the charts for buyer “must haves.”

1)  A home office-It is no doubt that more companies are allowing their employees to work from home in order to boost productivity. Since the use of laptops are more common, the “workspace” doesn’t have to be an entire room, It can be a small nook large enough for a desk and a chair!

2) Solid surface counters- buyers are willing to pay top dollar for a natural stone counter top. They expect to see stone surfaces like marble, granite and quartz. Keep in mind, the darker, speckled varieties have fallen out of favor. Go with a lighter stone and natural grains.

3) Storage-buyers are not just wanting a normal closet but they are interested in the customization and effective use of the area. Cubbies, shelfing, hanging area, etc.

4) Details in trim and moulding- With tech savvy buyers browsing hundreds of home designs, they are wanting shiplap or wainscoting in at least one room in the house.

5) Smart homes- Buyers are impressed by techie items such as the doorbell with a camera, NEST thermostat, bathroom fan with Bluetooth speaker, smart door locks, etc.

Selling your home in todays market can be tough when meeting the demands of buyes. Adding a few of the above options will help your home stand apart for showings. If you are thinking of selling your home and want a professional option of what it is worth and upgrades that will yield the most return then visit our website and contact an agent:

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