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The Importance of Pricing Your Home Right

Pricing your home right is an important step in selling your Gulfport home. Home sellers sometimes make the mistake of asking for a higher price than the current going market value because they think that they can lower their prices later. That method only works when the housing market is favorable to the seller. Eventually the original asking price will have to be lowered to compete. Houses that sit on the market for long periods tend to lose their interest by other real estate agents.

Pricing your Gulfport Home
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Today the industry is favorable to the seller. An overpriced house can lose a detrimental amount of offers when the asking price is set too high. Home buyers must pick and choose how to divide their time to view numerous properties. If your asking price is considerably higher to other similar homes there is a good chance that they will never get around to seeing yours.

Receiving fewer offers can potentially put you in a vulnerable position to negotiate for lower prices. Pricing your home right to competitively match the other listings in your area is the most effective way to attract offers from serious buyers who may compete to win over the sale.

You can ensure that you get the original asking price right the first time by asking a real estate agent for a comparative market analysis. This is a routine part of their job that they are happy to do since it will have a heavy impact of the overall success and profitability of the sale. The process takes an agent a couple days to research by comparing the recent listings of other properties in your area that are the most comparable to your home.

If you would like a comparative market analysis conducted for your Gulfport home, please contact us at 228-275-7500.

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