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Meet our newest agent: Paula Flavian

Paula is a resident of Ocean Springs, MS and is married to her best friend, Stephen! She has been married for three years and has a beautiful little girl named Olivia. Olivia is two and loves to sing, dance, and care for all 25 of her baby dolls. They have lived on the Gulf Coast for 29 years. As a family, they love boating and being able to enjoy the views and all of the wonderful things the MS Coast offers. Paula’s favorite hobbies are crafting, cooking, and driving her husband crazy with new house ideas. She is obsessed with HGTV and Joanna Gaines. Her dream was to build a custom home and let her creative side work its magic. They found land in 2015 and was constantly on the internet looking at houses for sale to bounce ideas on customizing their new home. Her dream came true in 2017, they built a home and her husband knew that her obsession had turned into a career opportunity. He pushed Paula to do what she loves and that’s being a perfectionist and helping people turn their dreams into reality. Not realizing it, she was always on the internet and driving around scoping out houses for sale for her friends and family during her free time. She couldn’t be more excited to finally join Coastal Realty Group and pursue her real estate career!
1) What made you decide to get your real estate license?
Paula decided to get her real estate license after talking about it for the last three years with her husband. She has been in the customer service industry for over ten years, which five were in the banking industry. She thought, why not help people buy their dream homes and turn the hobby of looking at houses during her free time into a career?
2) Tell is something unique about you that makes you fun?
Paula is a crawfish queen, literally! She can out-eat a grown man and out boil him as well. She owns a commercial boiler and enters into crawfish cook-offs for fun. Oh, and she is bilingual and speaks Vietnamese!!!
3) What do you like best about living on the Mississippi Coast?
Paula loves the coast because of everything it has to offer as well as being close to family and friends. Oh, and the seafood. She could not live without fresh seafood!
Watch this video of Paula and her family:

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“Amanda’s team really went above and beyond for me while trying to sell my house. I live out of state and Amanda was valuable in several aspects, even going as far as checking on the plumbing during the ice storm that struck south Mississippi this past winter. I’m very pleased with the service that was provided and I highly recommend them.”
Beverly Hill