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Meet our agent, Rachel Hitchings

A New Orleans native, Rachel bounced around between there and central Mississippi before finally settling on the Gulf Coast with her family in 1996.

She has a miracle daughter, born of science and faith, Aven. Rachel loves movies, random trivia, architecture, and musicals. Much to most people’s dismay.

Rachel spent 12 years in commercial construction as an Office Manager, Assistant Project Manager, and Assistant to the Vice President where she wrangled an office full of brilliant men who were unable to change the toilet paper roll. They will always be family to her. However, needing a change from seeing the same four walls, Rachel spent 3 years in sales at locally owned Southeastern Door & Window where she became one of their top sales reps. After a lot of prayer, she decided if she were spending all of her free time stalking the real estate apps and imaging herself as a real estate agent that it was time to take the leap, leave the corporate world behind, and pursue what she loves – real estate, and making people happy.

Rachel’s professional experience leaves her with the perfect combination of southern charm, determination, and accountability. Her personal and professional motto is to always deliver more than is expected. Rachel is excited to use her go-getting passion for helping people to treat them with care and respect, a lot of humor, a pinch of creativity, and high attention to detail to make sure they are taken care of every step of the way in their own personal real estate story.

Rachel’s extensive knowledge of our beautiful Gulf Coast (and the best locally-owned restaurants – because southern food, y’all) will effortlessly guide you to your next property, and before you know it, you’ll say yes to the address!

What made you want to get your license to be a real estate agent?

1. It sounds made up, but when I was 11, I remember meeting my first real estate agent, in all of her Julia Sugarbaker glory. I’ve kept her in the back of my mind ever since. I’ve been successful in my career prior to real estate, but after having the opportunity to work at Coastal Realty Group as an agent, I knew it was a chance for me to have my unicorn job. There’s no way you let something like that pass you by, so I took the jump. Now I get to share my joy and passion with others for their benefit! Who doesn’t love a win-win?

What is something fun that most people wouldn’t know about you?
2. I love to write. I like taking my own personal experiences (and believe me, they’re fraught with hilarity), and put them down on paper to entertain those I love. I’m the same way in person, and I really enjoy being the clown and making others laugh. If you’re not going to laugh and drink ice cold sweet tea then you’re not really living your best life or your fullest potential. Add some macaroni and cheese just to cover all your bases.
What is the main thing you love about the MS Coast?
3. I love our Mississippi on the Coast. We are so diverse and rich in culture, history, charm, FOOD, and love it all. I love how we Mardi Gras. I love how we go Cruisin’ the Coast. I love our concerts! I love that we honor our faith, family, and friends. I love the respect that’s given and the yes ma’ams and yes sirs. I love our manners and our generosity. The Gulf Coast is America’s best kept secret, and people are starting to catch on! (Except the Weather Channel… they still can’t find us.)
If you love Rachel as much as we do then give her a call for all your real estate needs!
Rachel Hitchings
228.265.3886 (c)
228.280.8026 (o)

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