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    Make your listing stand out with good photography on the MS Coast

    Having excellent photos are one of the key ingredients when marketing your home you on the MS Gulf Coast. With the beautiful weather in along the beach, you should pick a sunny day for the exterior! Shooting the interior might be best on an overcast day.  Here are some tips to make the most of your pictures.

    1)My best advice is to hire a professional photographer! Hands down, this will be the best money you spend in marketing your home! Don’t try to use your smart phone… that isn’t smart! But, if you MUST use your own camera then hopefully these tips will ensure you get the best photographs.

    2) Declutter-If you have a vacant house then you can skip this step! Otherwise, you MUST clear out your counters, walls, etc. Your home should look a little bare! This allows the photo to really showcase what is actually there (the kicthen counters) and not what you have on them (your fresh loaf of bread and Dawn soap)!

    3) Lights on! In most cases, you will need to play with this and check your lighting with the natural lights but the brighter, the better! Make sure you are consistent with whatever option you decide.

    4) Choose angels that make the room look larger. You will be surprised what a difference this will make. Take several shots of a room

    5) Use the Photoshop App to brighten and adjust each photo. This will help each picture look its best!


    Hopefully these tips will help you make the most of your photos! When you list your home with Amanda & Associates at Coastal Realty Group, we hire a professional real estate photographer on almost EVERY listing! Our listings look great and have full property descriptions so that the public has a good idea of all the features your home offers! Call us today! 228-234-2121

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    Without a doubt, this has been the best home purchasing experience. I am so impress with everyone at Amanda & Associates. David Becher was exceptional! He contacted me on a regular basis and understood my goals. Finding the perfect cottage on the Gulf Coast has moved me one step closer to retiring in such a beautiful and fun area. Brittany Brackett is another person I want to acknowledge. She consistently communicated with me on the administrative paperwork. Because of her attention to detail, …
    Myra Ancheta